What people say about Philippe

"It took 6 years for my wife to convince me to attend my first yoga class. It only took one of Philippe’s classes to keep me coming back.  Phillipe was able to breakdown yoga practice in a way that made it completely accessible, removing any intimidation I’d felt beforehand.  His classes are the perfect combination of physical exertion and mental rejuvenation, and with his guidance and advice I have been able to make yoga a regular part of my weekly routine."

-Chris W

Occupation: Advertising

"Taking Philippe's Restorative Yoga class is like taking a big breath in the middle of your week. He creates a safe space filled with unconditional love and a unique atmosphere of energetic calm. He uses his voice and his skills as a narrator to guide us into deep states of relaxation and meditation. After his class, I walk out with a calm breath, an open mind, and a deeply truthful smile."

-Diego Carmona​

Occupation: Researcher / Biologist

"I was fortunate enough to take Philippe’s very first yoga class. I remember thinking: ‘this guy’s got it’. He exudes a beautiful combination of confidence and compassion in his teaching. And really knows what he’s talking about. He is able to infuse just the right amount of yoga philosophy and creativity into his class' sequence. This is a teacher you want to experience for sure."

-Shawna Turner

Occupation: Yoga Teacher - www.shawnaturner.ca

"I love taking Phillippe’s classes for many reasons. There is a great momentum to every class, I never have time to think too much. That being said, his tone is very calming. The momentum created is soothing while still making you break a sweat. When comes the time for Savasana, I feel very calm, which is the goal I am trying to achieve by doing yoga in the first place. Philippe is very welcoming and I would happily recommend one of his classes to anyone."

-Sasha Siegel

Occupation: Bartender/Drummer

"My husband and I practiced "Flow & Restore" yoga with Philippe throughout my (first) pregnancy, from the first trimester to week 40! We absolutely loved his class and looked forward to attending weekly, where he would guide us through a healing and meditative practice. We loved that his classes were based around a different topic each week, often connected to a story. This gave us focus and allowed us to get to know each other better. Philippe’s classes have a real community feel, are suitable for all abilities and are fun to take part in. We left each week feeling lighter, more in the present and full of positive energy!"

-Andrea Black

Occupation: Non-Profit

Thank You

Philippe would like to thank all those who have helped, trusted and challenged him. Namely, he thanks his teachers Todd Lavictoire for introducing him to the practice, Kate Gillespie for inspiring him to think outside the box, Angela Greco for introducing him to greater stillness and JP Tamblyn-Sabo for his awe-inspiring mentorship.

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“All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended."

-David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas