The impossible

Before yoga, my favourite way to move and keep fit was video games. Sitting. Hunching. 

Growing up in Ottawa, life was quiet. A wild imagination, but no idea where it would take me.

When first introduced to Yoga at Theatre School in 2007, I came across a photo of someone in a headstand.

I remember thinking to myself: “that is impossible. I will never be able to do that”.

Now, after more than a decade of practice, this story holds a big life lesson. 

Since, it has informed everything about my attitude and my mission.

The chameleon

I walk the journey of life as a chameleon. My journey has been – and remains – one of investigation, curiosity and transformation.

I offer my story with the hope to inspire others toward their fullest potential.

Morph into who you really are.


My Approach

Our modern day world has left us feeling disconnected and distracted;

It is increasingly difficult to tend to our need for peace and quiet in a fast paced, goal driven lifestyle.

My hope is for Yoga to be a place where we can satisfy our craving for achievement and growth, 

but doing so while cultivating greater kindness, connection, creativity and ease.

I attempt to be as personal as I can. I am a student of what I teach.


Impossible is potential.

Impossible is temporary.

Impossible is nothing.

-Muhammad Ali

Off the mat

Philippe is also an actor, a food & wine enthusiast, a lover of things dramatic and a believer in tender moments. He speaks fluent French, has two brothers and loves the colour green. He will take Game of Thrones over The Bachelor, Melissa McCarthy over Seth MacFarlane, Ginger Molasses over Chocolate Chip and Broccoli over Cauliflower.

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“All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended."

-David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas